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Photography Business: Consumer Education 101
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Photography Business: Consumer Education 101

Photography Business: Consumer Education 101: Creative fees: are just that, a fee you pay when you hire a photographer for being creative, for knowing the tricks, recieving an education, having the tools (spending lots of $ on equipment), and capturing captivating photos with an creative approach... Images: are the product of creative time making photographs... There is a separate fee for this... Commercial / branding photography: is more expensive than wedding and family lifestyle photography because the images are used to drive revenue. There are fees associated with all imagery from these shoots based on their end use. Copyright: Photographers invest a lot into their businesses and deserve to keep their original copyright because part of their skills are to negotiate and achieve the needs of their clients without giving the right, to say they even took a photo, away. Pricing: Professional photographers have systems they use to price their jobs fairly based on industry standards. When a photographer walks away from an offer/ negotiation a: Professional Commercial photographers walk away from 99% of Musicians and brand photography work, even million dollar projects, where the right to negotiation is stripped down to "we get the images, own them, you have no rights to them, this is non negotiable." and its for good reason. This is a new ...

Boudoir Photography - My Suite Bares™
Sunday, January 15, 2017
Photography Business: Consumer Education 101

 It's that time of year again! January 28th, 2017 we will delight in another My Sweet Bares™ event in a secret luxurious location in St. Louis City. Give yourself a gift for Valentines Day and experience a safe and creative space to explore the inner beauty that manifestes into artistic photographic expressions.  We are so excited to have Stephanie of Beautiful You LLC with us for this event!  REGISTER NOW   Frequently asked questions What does “Boudoir” mean? Boudoir is French for bedroom, which most often is the setting for these photos. How do I prepare for my boudoir or beauty session?  Please come with clean hair and a clean face free of makeup unless otherwise discussed.  If you are booked for a boudoir session please don’t forget to shave, and wear loose clothing and undergarments so that they do not leave marks on your skin.  It is imperative that you do not have elastic marks on your skin for the session! What should I bring? Bring several sets of outfits to choose from.  It’s always better to bring more  rather than not having enough. Bring a pair of shoes for each outfit; stunning heels can really make a shot great!  Not to mention they give your legs a nice length and tighten everything up.  More importantly, they just make you feel down right sexy! ...

Professional Photography Services for Individuals and Businesses
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Photography Business: Consumer Education 101

Professional Photography Services for Individuals and BusinessesWhether you’re an executive, working professional, business owner, entrepreneur, artist, or performer,  having professional headshots to enhance and promote your work, image and brand is an important tool.  Phoebe Landrum Photography (PLP) specializes in creating and capturing your image to best represent who you are and the message you are looking to convey in your professional and personal world.  PLP headshots are a great way to show personal engagement on websites, social media and all of your business and marketing needs. Each session is customized to you. It's more important to us that we understand and know who you are than to have a conveyer belt of individuals coming through the door.  We don't cram you into a mini session and send you on your way because your image is too important to us. You must be satisfied with the results before you leave, fortunately for both of us, our experience proves this takes very little time out of your schedule and works very well for both of us.Individuals - EntrepreneursThe Professional  Session $150.00Personally designed studio or on location sessionOnline proofing2 retouched color high resolution prints2 retouched Black & White high resolution copiesComplete copyright releaseThe Executive Session $200.00Professionally designed studio ...

Ferguson A Protest for Justice - A Regional Issue
Sunday, August 17, 2014
Photography Business: Consumer Education 101

A Protest for Justice - A Regional IssueIn light of the recent news in Ferguson I wanted to post photos I took when I went there to see first hand what was happening. As I sat nursing my broken leg watching and reading the news of the events that led up to the protests I felt uneasy and saddeded to see my city and comminities so broken and hurting. I had to go there. I took my kneeling scooter into the crowed and whitnessed a peaceful community of all races united together with one voice. As I read and watched the news I saw such a misunderstanding of our city. I recommend the following links for a history of Ferguson and St. Louis for greater understanding.  August 17 ·  · Taken at Ferguson, Saint Louis, Missouri  LINKS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING IN FERGUSON   Missouri Complicated History http:// article/119106/ferguson-missouris-complicated-history-poverty-and-racial-tensionWhats really happening in Ferguson? More on FB: shakes cops hand notice the young men in the background looking on with fear and confusion.   ©Phoebe Landrum Photography Young girl ...