What to wear for your headshot session.

One week before: Take care of all your beauty treatments (haircut, color, eyebrows, tanning, etc.) so the treatments are fresh but look natural.

72 hours before: Drink lots of water; avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and salty foods; stay out of the sun. Don’t forget to moisturize.

The night before: Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

That day: Make sure the clothes you want to wear are clean and pressed. If you’re using a makeup artist, come to the shoot with your face clean and product-free except for moisturizer.

Ideas for wardrobe for MEN

Well in advance: Guys, if you want pictures with and without facial hair, start growing your beard with enough time for it to grow in. You can shave it during the session, but it’s tough to grow it the day before.

Ideas for wardrobe WOMEN


Avoid pastels as a single layer: Try to layer them with brighter solids to avoid looking washed out.

Black: Black can create shadows and with great lighting and makeup add life back into your complexion. Black absorbs light so keep that in mind when choosing an outfit with an overall black appearance. Navy is a good color that enhances the complexion.

Shiny Fabrics: Shiny fabrics, especially under bright lights, are usually less than flattering. Thick cotton and matte fabrics dampen shadows and can create a smoother body profile line.

Solids & Style:  Another advantage to wearing solids is that your photos won't look dated as quickly: rich, saturated colors never go out of style.

Use pattern sparingly: Patterns that look great in person don't always translate well on camera. Small, repetitive patterns like pinstripes, chevron, plaid, and houndstooth are difficult to see on video and can make your viewers dizzy.

If you want to add visual interest with color, try layering two jewel tones in the same color family or two colors that complement each other. Another option is to layer a solid on top of a pattern to mute the effect on camera, as illustrated below to the right (source: Gap.com). 


At the end of the day, the key to a wonderful business headshot is your smile.  It might take you a few moments to relax in front of the camera. Once you’re comfortable, stare straight down the barrel of the lens and think of someone you love.  That feeling shows up as a beautiful smile in your mouth and your eyes. Ready?